La Mairie de Demain

Tomorrow's townhall


IN THE FUTURE, What will "WELCOMING users" mean for public services?

What kind of services are Parisians expecting in the coming years or decades? What do they expect from local ("arrondissements") town halls? How might welcome agents' roles and functions evolve? What links an arrondissement town hall to the greater Paris town hall? To the territory around it and the very diverse partners on it?

From september 2015 to january 2016, La Ville de Paris and La 27e Région led a exploratory and creative project, asking what it means and will mean to welcome citizen in arrondissements town halls. 

The residency took place in the 19th arrondissement town hall, and the team was to be a mix of diverse and complementary skills with two designers, one sociologist, one actor and director. We were followed by two action-research sociologists and later helped by a graphic design intern. 

A specific context

The territory has around 186.000 inhabitants and is one of the most crowded parisian arrondissements, and one third of housing is social housing. The building itself is small and difficult to navigate in. 

Because administrative services are getting more and more dematerialized, the users with the most specific profiles and problematics become the ones the most in need for the help of town hall agents. Consequently, this transforms the agents' role towards one based on mediation and personalized support.

design with an open end

The action-research programme put in place by La 27e Région focuses on the experiences of first-hand users, agents and citizens as a starting point to reinvent public services. Territoires en Résidences in the 19th arrondissement of Paris consisted in 3 weeks of residency in the town hall, with an aim to prototype quickly and test with citizen and public servants new ways they can interact with their town hall.