Because user experience builds the material of our daily lives, I combine design, marketing, art and business knowledge to help you understand and define the UX value you want to bring to your customers.


Define your ecosystem
Concurrence mapping, ecosystem mapping, personas and user journey mapping, interviews

Design your UX value
 ideation workshops, UX Research,, focus groups, JTBD

Challenge it with prototyping and user testing
Scenarios, prototypes, storytelling, game play, theater play, participatory workshops


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About me

I worked as a creative designer for social innovation, deep tech and innovation in public services.

But I also know about prototyping, electronics, programming and photography.
I am passionate about philosophy and science, behavioral economics, user interaction, neurosciences and leadership systems.

I love to ask questions and be challenged.



You are not afraid of being lost

You are open to the unexpected

You like to get your hands dirty


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